Learn Italian With Videogames

Soccer - story nr. 6

The match is starting.

Player1 has selected the team, but the other player isn't already in the room.

He is in the kitchen and says: "Player3 will play against you, I'm a bit busy".

Player 3 selects the team, and he says:1 Questa è la mia squadra favorita.

The automatic robot translates. 1"This is my favorite team".

Player 3 didn't play a lot of matches in the past, but 2he is good at playing.

Player1 says: 2Sei molto bravo a giocare.

Player2 enters the room and he wants to assist at the match.

The 3first half ends and the automatic tutor says: 3Fine primo tempo.

There is a pause between the two halves and Player3 says: 4Adesso faccio una pausa anche io.

The automatic robot translates: 4You're going to make a pause too.

The second player continues the match and the match ends 0-0.

The three players say: 5"We are all at the same level".

The automatic robot translates: Sì, 5siete tutti allo stesso livello.