Learn Italian With Videogames

Soccer - story nr. 5

1The match starts.

The automatic robot says: 1Inizia la partita.

First Player: Why the weather is so bad?

The automatic robot says: 2Sta piovendo. 2It's raining.

Second Player: 3I've changed the settings.

The automatic robot says: 3Hai cambiato le impostazioni.

The first player is going to kick the ball and he is going to score a goal.

The second player uses his defense and he stops the ball with the help of the rain.

Second player: 4I've used my defense.

The automatic robot says: 4Hai usato la tua difesa.

First player: The match is a bit slow, because it is raining.

Second player. Sì, sta piovendo, but the next time we rechange the settings and we will play a match with the sun.