Learn Italian With Videogames

Soccer - Story nr. 4

The score is 0-0.

Suddenly the first player scored a goal.

Player1: 1Che goal spettacolare.

The automatic robot says: 1What a wonderful goal.

The referee is perplexed and 2he sees the linesman.

The automatic robot says: 2L'arbitro guarda il guardalinee

3There is an offside.

The automatic robot says: 3è fuorigioco.

No one has scored a goal and we are in the extra time.

4The extra time is 4 minutes.

The automatic robot says: 4Il recupero è di quattro minuti.

The match finishes 0-0 and the two players congratulate each other.

Player1 says in italian: congratulazioni.

Player2 says: grazie, al prossimo match.

The automatic robot says the next match is on 5Monday and than he says: ci vediamo al prossimo 5lunedì.