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Soccer - Story 3

The match started.

Player1: Look at the player, he is very fast.

Player2: Yes, this is 1my favorite player.

The automatic robot says: 1il tuo giocatore preferito.

Player1: I need to block this player.

Player2: Goal! My player is the best.

Player1: You have used a lot of sprint, I think I can score in the next half of the match.

Player2: Goal! Another goal from my favorite player.

The automatic robot says: 2This is the fastest player I've seen. 2E' il più veloce giocatore che abbia mai visto.

The match ends: Player 2 had scored two goals with his favorite player.

Player1: 3Next game we switch the teams.

The automatic robot says: 3la prossima volta cambiamo le squadre.