My School and other educations achievements are:
Liceo Scientifico Galileo Ferraris (High School), Varese
University of Insubria Varese : Under Graduation score 90/110.
University of Insubria Varese : Graduation Score 95/110.

Udemy Courses

Conversional Spanish Made Easy by TeachMe Productions
Learn Oral Chinese with Jijizhazha Chinese by Hujiang Chinese
Conversional Spanish 1 : Spanish basic sentence patterns by Jorge Emilio Alfonso
Learn Javascript e Jquery From Scratch by Edunoix Learning Solutions
Spanish For Beginners : Yellow Belt by Lingo Live
The Massey Method : Learn Spanish from a Former NSA Agent by Dr. Keith Massey
Essentials Chinese for Travelers by Shuai Zhang

UniversalClassroom courses

Japanese Cultural Studies 101 score 94/100
Basic Math 101 score 98/100
ABCs of English Grammar score 85/100

Coursera Courses

Chinese For Beginners Peking University


Spanish course Level A1 (42 hours).

Mango Languages

Courses that I have took and finished: English For Italian - Journey1
French - Journey 1
Spanish - Journey 1
Chinese - Journey 1
Portuguese - Journey 1

I have also used :
Duolingo (I have done all the lessons in Spanish and English).
Codecademy(where I have done a lot of Track and Non Track Lessons about Web programming).
Codeschool and Treehouse to learn Web Applications.
Livemocha where I have done language lessons. I have been a subscribers for SafariBooksOnline for months where i have read 5 books a month of Computer Science books in English.